circuit bending on the iPhone!

by Kurt James Werner & Mayank Sanganeria

Are you tired of scouring garage sales or shelling out serious money for old devices to circuit bend? Are you a fanatic for the sound & experience of working with circuit-bent instruments, but worry about taking your fragile & valuable gear on the road? Do you like cutting-edge glitch synth sounds, wild digital distortions, & aleatoric data sequences? lite is for you. lite brings computer simulation of circuit bending to the iPhone for the first time. lite contains no samples. lite is a mathematical model of a single FM synthesis operator, modeled on the chip level via Bit Bending (circuit-bent manipulations upon digital serial information) technology. lite models every bit in the serial data streams that pass between chips, & lets you reroute them at will, discovering new, awesome, noisy, glitchy sounds!

With lite, we've taken the first steps towards a computer model of circuit bending that preserves the spirit of exploration & creative discovery that is such an important part of circuit bending.

Download lite on the App Store for FREE, & start making some awesome, noisy, glitchy music!

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Circuit Bends

matrix screen

On this screen, you can control circuit bends via the bend matrix patch bay, fine & octave clock bends, & control word length decimation. The bend matrix patch bay lets you mangle the circuit to reroute signals, combine them through digital logic chips (NAND, XOR), decimate them through binary counters (CNT0/1), & create glitchy distortions, algorithmic chiptunes sequences, or something entirely new. Play with the bend matrix patch bay to modify lite's sound in crazy, unpredicatable ways. Tweak the "fine" knob to subtly adjust lite's pitch with a classic circuit-bent clock bend, or the "octave" to underclock down to throbbing digital basses. Thin out noisy signals with the "nbits" knobs to expose hidden sequences in noisy signals. Explore factory presets & create your own!

Synthesis Parameters (&c.)

adsr screen

On this screen, you can control synthesis parameters, reset lite, & manage preset patches. The ADSR knobs control an amplitude envelope generator, Modulation Index controls the oscillators deviation around its center freuqency, & the keyboard/ribbon switch selects quantized or continusou pitch control. The reset button removes all circuit bends & restores lite to its factory setting, letting you start bending again from a clean slate. On the right, a preset manager allows you to load, save & delete presets. Once you find settings that you like, save them for later reuse!

Quick Start Video

Watch this to get a quick look at all of the features of lite.

Quick Start Guide

Read this abbreviated manual to get started using lite quick.

User Guide

Half of the fun of circuit bending is jumping in & experimenting. You can approach lite with the same spirit of experimentation & chance discovery. For those who prefer to understand every detail of a circuit before getting their hands dirty, we're compiling a user guide full of detailed instructions & extensive details on the inner workings of lite.

[coming soon]

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